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    CBD Gummies Ireland

    CBD Gummies are a popular way to discreetly consume CBD oil, but most companies only sell a 5mg version, which just isn't enough. So at Unwind we decided to make our own version. Each gummie is low calorie, super tasty & packed with 25mg of quality, lab-certified CBD goodness!

    Lab Tested in Ireland

    100% Natural CBD


    Organic & Vegan

    25mg per Gummy

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    4.8 Based on 6 Reviews
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      Clara D.
      IE IE
      Wouldn't be without them

      Initially got these a few years ago for my mother who had dementia. She would get incredibly agitated & found if I preemptively gave her 2 gummies they did help. Now purchased for myself for my anxiety and yes I certainly feel they take it down several notches. Didn't realise it came in 2 sizes so thought I was getting larger pouch. So suggest you make the 2 size options & prices more obvious. Will definitely continue to use.

      Alanna W.
      Ireland Ireland

      I got these gummies because I needed them for pain and anxiety. They are brilliant

      Caroline C.
      Ireland Ireland
      Family use

      My daughter suffers from anxiety and these gummies stopped an anxiety attack in its tracks. I have chronic muscular pain and just has one gummie a day Is keeping them at bay . My son is finding them great for sleep .

      Helen F.

      These are perfect to give to your kids. I am a mom of 4 and sometimes the kids are way too hyperactive. My young ones love to relax with these gummies and early bed time is great for us all. Love it.

      Mateusz T.

      The taste is phenomal. The only problem is that you will want to have more than just 2...

      How many CBD Gummies should I take?

      We recommend that you start with 1 CBD gummy a day, and increas your servings as needed. Dosages are completely dependent on you and your body so we recommend doing some experimenting to find the best dosage of CBD gummies for you.

      Are these CBD Gummies lab tested?

      Yes, our Unwind CBD gummies are lab tested in accordance with HSE safety standards as being microbiologically safe. Our CBD Oil is free of any forbidden or hazardous chemical components and contaminants. Each gummy is also Vegan friendly, organic and made from completely natural ingredients. This lab test also ensures our CBD products are THC Free.

      Why should I buy CBD Gummies from Unwind?

      Through years of experience & research we have created the best high quality CBD gummies on the market. The problem with most gummies, is that each gummy only contains 5mg of CBD. This means you would need to eat multiple CBD gummies to receive a high quantity of CBD. People also generally thought that 1 gummy was enough. To solve this we created the strongest CBD Gummy in Ireland, while still providing great value for money.

      How long does delivery take?

      All of our CBD products are delivered from Dublin. 95% of our customers see their CBD oil products delivered before 2pm the next business day delivery nationwide. Our delivery is handled by An Post and all of our packaging is discrete.

      Do these CBD gummies contain THC?

      All of our CBD products for sale, are completely THC Free. This is a legal requirement in Ireland. These CBD gummies don't even contain trace amounts of THC.

      I have a question?

      If you have a question about any of our CBD products, CBD oils, or just Unwind in general feel free to contact us.

      What's the best way to consume CBD?

      We recommend most people to start with CBD oil, or CBD vaping. These alternative CBD products have a higher bio-availablity compared to CBD Gummies, which means more of the CBD oils enter your body, giving you stronger effects & value for your money from the same dose. We do understand that most people don't want to vape, and holding the oils can be difficult, so eating a CBD gummy is best for people who can't do the above, or just want a discrete way to consume high quality CBD products on the go.

      What do they taste like?

      Our CBD gummies come in a mixture of delicous fruit flavours and colours. It really just tastes like a nice sweet, that's holding 25mg of high quality CBD (cannabinoids). There is a slight after taste of the CBD flavour, but we think it makes it even better. Everybody who has tried a gummy so far has loved the taste.

      Do CBD Gummies work?

      Due to the legality in Ireland, we can't make specific claims on how our CBD products can affect the body. If you want to see what our customers say, you can read our website reviews and see why everyone gives Unwind CBD Products & our CBD Gummies such a high rating.

      What are the benefits of CBD?

      In a similar answer to the previous question, we can't make specific claims as to how our CBD products benefits the body. There is lot's of research online about CBD, and on our review section. One tip we can share is that most people who don't feel any benefits from our CBD products are using a low dosage. These CBD gummies start at a great dosage of 25mg.

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